Data Loss Attribution.

Our approach to address data loss issues in Google Analytics.

Data Loss Impact In Digital Marketing

Data loss is one of the biggest concerns for digital marketers today. Driven by denied tracking-consent from website visitors and ad blockers, it is not unusual to see data loss levels as high as 20-30%.

Not knowing the actual performance of digital marketing initiatives creates difficulties in optimization and a risk of underinvesting in high performing campaigns or channels. Docklin Piper mitigates this issue.

Piper Data Loss Attribution

By importing order data directly from clients internal systems to Piper, our feature Data Loss Attribution is able to match transactions with Google Analytics data, flag missing transactions and attribute lost revenue to the right channel, campaign, ad group and keyword.

The data is available in Looker Studio and cloud projects to be used in your data visualization tool of your choice.

Our feature Data Loss Attribution allows for informed decisions, based on the actual revenue, in order to optimize digital marketing initiatives to its full potential.

Data Loss Attribution integrates with Profitability Insights and Customer Segment Insights to create a more complete source of truth for digital marketing.

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