Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data in the form of a text file which is stored in the user’s web browser. Cookies are designed to enable websites to function in a more seamless and user friendly way but as a user you have the right to control which information you want to be tracked and stored through cookies. On you can control your cookie settings through a pop-up asking you to accept or reject certain cookies. These settings can be found here. 

Cookies can contain information about the user such as settings preferences, login information or products added to a shopping cart for e-commerce sites. Cookies can also store information about how users interact with a site – which pages were visited, which buttons were clicked on etc. 

On our site, we use first party cookies set by us ( For some purposes, such as marketing, we also use third party cookies set by other sites.

What cookies are used at

On we use some cookies that are strictly necessary for the site to function and these cookies can’t be rejected. We also use cookies for analytics and marketing purposes which can be accepted or rejected through our cookie settings. Please see the table below for which cookies we use, why we use them and how long they are active in your browser.

How can you control cookies on our site?

Through our cookie consent pop-up which you can find here, you can accept and reject all cookies except cookies that are strictly necessary. You can also control cookies directly in your browser. Please see the links below for instructions on how to control cookie settings for the most common internet browsers. 

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