Working at Docklin.


Culture matters

Our culture has always been key in building Docklin, and for us it is the single most important thing to maintain and develop. Our culture includes curiosity, honesty and mutual respect – we are all team players, willing to learn and strive to make ourselves and the rest of the team smarter every day.


Business value

We are a specialist agency, and a lot of what we talk about day-to-day are the nitty gritty details of performance marketing. With that said, we exist to drive our client’s businesses forward, so we will make sure you develop an understanding of the client’s business, and what we can do together to reach their business goals.


Potential over experience 

We believe that potential is more important than experience, and with competencies outside the traditional digital marketing space, we will innovate faster than the competition. We combine core digital marketing expertise with cutting edge technology, knowledge of data and business understanding to drive our clients forward.


Individual growth

We are fully aware that working at a company is both about what you give and what you get. We pride ourselves in listening to what direction you want to head and how you want to develop, and will always strive to find a balance where you get at least as much as you give at Docklin.


The team

We are building a team of smart, driven and passionate colleagues striving to learn and develop every day. Beyond that, we have fun along the way with events, conferences and afterworks to get to know each other beyond the everyday hustle at Docklin.