New Piper feature: Marketing Effectiveness

Is Google Analytics your only source of truth for digital marketing? It shouldn’t be.

Becoming best-in-class in digital marketing means solving first-party data activation – but it is complex to build and maintain custom cloud-based solutions. 

Most of the data businesses use for decision making can be trusted to be complete and accurate. Yet still today, many companies, when tracking performance online, still rely on incomplete Google Analytics data. Why is
that? The short answer seems to be, there aren’t any options available unless you build and maintain it yourself.

That’s why we at Docklin have built a solution designed to give you a much mor accurate and insightful way of evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing. Our solution addresses three big challenges within online measurement and marketing evaluation:

Data Loss Attribution. Google Analytics data is not what it once was. In our experience, the data loss, after implementing a Consent Management Platform, ranges from 10% to 35%. This not only affects how we evaluate performance, but also impacts ad investment optimization. Without understanding the total sales generated online, we run the risk of underinvesting and missing opportunities to capture demand.

Profitability Insights. Leading advertisers should optimize for both revenue and profitability to make their promotions more profitable and better take product margins into account.

Customer Segment Insights. Google Analytics does not distinguish between customer types, yet most advertisers are willing to spend more on acquiring a new customer than on generating a repeat purchase.

We have built a solution in our product Docklin Piper that addresses these three issues, called Marketing Effectiveness. We want you to be able to answer questions such as:

What is the impact of data loss on my business? How should I adjust my ROAS targets to mitigate the effect?

What is the revenue and profit from first-time vs. repeat buyers?

How do promotions impact my bottom-line? Are we generating new customers or simply giving discounts to existing customers?

How many new customers are we generating, from which channels and campaigns?

Click here to read our white paper on how you can go beyond Google Analytics to understand the value your online advertising generates.

PS: Stay tuned! There is a lot more to come on Docklin Piper – we have more features in the works that addresses the most important digital marketing challenges.

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