New Piper feature: Dynamic Audience Segmentation

There is a lot of talk about leveraging first-party data in digital marketing, but how do you do it in practice?

Becoming best-in-class in digital marketing means solving first-party data activation – but it is complex to build and maintain custom cloud-based solutions. 

Docklin Piper is our solution to that problem, a product built to remove data engineering barriers and enable activation of first-party data in performance marketing at scale. We fetch the relevant data, transform, enrich, and activate it in the platforms.

Dynamic Audience Segmentation allows us to design custom audiences and schedule uploads to the advertising platforms using signals from a number of first-party data sources. Click here to read our white paper on how on-platform customer segmentation can help advertisers work smarter and become more relevant.

PS: Stay tuned! There is a lot more to come on Docklin Piper – we have more features live and in the works that addresses the most important digital marketing challenges

Docklin Digital is an award winning Performance Marketing Agency. Founded in 2015, we have grown through a relentless focus on developing innovative solutions and frameworks within the field of Performance Marketing.

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