Paid search.

Business Objectives

Paid Search optimized towards business goals might sound like basics but way too often we see companies failing. Are you optimizing towards ROAS when you should be bidding on profit? Trying to hit a generic CPA goal when you should be using LTV?

We help you define the right KPIs and optimize your Paid Search program to actually move those KPIs in the right direction. That’s something you want to show the CEO.

Proprietary technology

We’ve built our own optimization platform and by using the Google Ads API we’ve created custom processes and workflows not available through the user interface. We invest heavily in our proprietary tech and as a client you have full access. Want to push the boundaries of Paid Search? Access our tech stack and pilot our beta products before anyone else.

Data Activation

Paid Search used to be easier. Hyper granular account structures, tight control and incremental optimization activities worked wonders. But in 2020 you can’t apply the SEM tactics of 2019. Instead of fighting automation, we have embraced it.

We have developed new processes and solutions suited to this ‘new world’ and at its core lies data activation. Your own data is your competitive advantage when algorithms are becoming a commodity. We help you activate the right data so you can outsmart your competitors.

Award winning team

During the last year, we were named Best Small PPC Agency at the European Search Awards, Best Marketing Agency at the SEMrush Nordic Awards and Best Small Global PPC Agency at the Global Search Awards.