Everything we do is powered by data and technology. Our tech stack supports data-driven decision making and drives efficiency through automation.

Docklin DYNOS

Docklin DYNOS (Dynamic Optimizations) – lightweight and flexible automations based on first-party data that allows us to create tailor made, feed-based solutions that make decision-making in feed-based campaigns flexible and automated.

Feed optimization

In today’s performance landscape, the value of your product feed shouldn’t be underestimated.

We work with the structure and content of our clients’ product feeds, making sure that they are optimized, enriched with the right first party data, and segmented in a way that allows us to maximize performance in Google Ads and Meta Ads.

Paid Search Automation

Anything worth repeating is worth automating.

We work with the Google Ads API and scripts to create dynamic and robust automations to drive performance and improve insights. Trust us, it makes a difference.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Lead-gen or B2B advertiser? You probably find it difficult to identify the right online conversion action.

We help you integrate your first-party data with the advertising platforms to bridge that gap.

Profit Bidding

Docklin Profit Bidding let’s you optimize for gross profit instead of revenue, putting profitability front and center in the digital marketing strategy.

Custom Solutions

We build things all the time. If there is a problem that we have not yet addressed or if you need something in particular using APIs and Google Cloud, we can probably help.