Profitability Insights.

Understand and improve your bottom-line by tracking profitability.

Profit in digital marketing

Measuring and optimizing for profitability in digital marketing is a hot topic but remains underutilized.

We believe leading advertisers should optimize for both revenue and profitability. To do so, we need understand the bottom line effect of digital marketing initiatives. Docklin Piper makes it possible.

Profitability Insights

Our feature Profitability Insights allow businesses to measure and analyze profit margins on online sales.

By importing COGS data to Piper, we calculate gross profit and profit after marketing per channel, campaign, ad group and keyword. This allow us to track profitability on a daily basis, evaluate promotions and effects from variations in product margins.

The data is available in Looker Studio and cloud projects to be used in your data visualization tool of your choice.

We also built Docklin Profit Bidding to optimize digital marketing campaigns towards profit.

Profitability Insights integrates with Data Loss Attribution and Customer Segment Insights to create a more complete source of truth for digital marketing.

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