Scaling SEM with increased profitability through long term partnership

Sleepo partnered up with Docklin back in January 2016 after having issues with growing SEM in a profitable way. The goal was to establish SEM as a profitable always-on sales channel.


Sleepo is an online Swedish retailer in the home furnishing sector. By offering a wide assortment at competitive price points coupled with great service, they aim at winning the hearts and minds of the Swedish consumers.

Increase in annual Non-Brand Revenue

Over the course of three years, Docklin has managed to maintain a 22% annual growth rate in non-brand revenue by adopting an automated and data-driven approach to optimization.

Increase in non-brand ROAS

Diminishing marginal returns usually characterize digital marketing, but year after year, we’ve managed to grow revenue and at the same time improved ROAS by 19% since 2016.

Revenue increase from Google Shopping

By marrying product data from Google Ads with transaction-level revenue data from Google Analytics, we’ve managed to grow Shopping revenue by 66% in 2020 at a stable ROAS levels.

“We have been working closely with Docklin Digital since 2016 and they have been a key factor in Sleepos growth and success. Docklin approaches SEM with a data and process driven approach that stands apart from any consultancy that we have ever worked with. This combined with a keen interest to understand the fundamentals of our business has laid the foundation of a very successful collaboration.”
Philip Nickolsten
CEO, Sleepo
Docklin’s approach

Close Partnership

At Docklin we are looking for deep and long term partnerships with our clients and not vendor relationships. With Sleepo we have become an integrated part of their marketing and sales organisation and this close partnership has been a key factor for success. It has allowed us to always align our efforts with the overarching strategic goals and enabled us to act very fast from conceptual ideas to execution.


Investment Strategy

 With a dynamic and frequently updated assortment with more than 10,000 products across many brands, traffic volumes, revenue and profitability can change quickly across product categories, brands and traffic segments. At Docklin we have applied automation to keep track of fluctuations of important KPIs across key dimensions which allow us to act fast when opportunities arise.


Data-Driven Feed Optimization

Shopping has been a key factor for growth for Sleepo for many years. With more than 10,000 products, it can be challenging to decide which products to prioritize in bidding and where to direct feed optimization efforts. In order to solve this, we have coupled transaction level sales data from Google Analytics with cost data from ad platforms. This has allowed us to prioritize products and generate greater growth at profitable levels.